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English Karl

Born in South London in 1964 I have now lived a few years in Copenhagen, Denmark. An Original Revival Mod from 1978/1979 I still have`nt managed to drop the habit or life style yet and suppose I never will, so the saying "Once A Mod Always A Mod" is very true in this case. I am a Mod and Scooter Related Dj, a member of "The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club", One of the biggest rare record dealers in Denmark and Scandinavia with "Shadows And Reflections Vinyl Records" and proudly one of the five resident 

Dj`s at Copenhagens best and most respected 60`s club, Club Mau Mau.

My main interests are selling and collecting vinyl records, Dj`ing Mod and Scooter sounds but I have also been known the Dj Punk, Oi, 2 Tone, scooters (mainly Lambretta), live music, Chelsea FC, the sixties style and scene in general and basically being with good mates that have the same interests. I travel home to England alot which .

strangley coincides with a gig or two and am a member of the infamous Oi A`cappello band "The Darn Rustlers"

Please send the form below if you have any questions or need to get in touch about something. I will get back to you as quickly as possible

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Shadows And Reflections

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