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The Last Great Act Of Defiance

Scooter Club


The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club started when the Mod revival era was happening 30 years ago. Originally calling our selfs "The Vixens" we decided to change our name. Various names were chucked around like "The Exploding Frogs", "Crazy Daisys" or even "The Cherry Tree Scooter club" but "Defiance" was decided and we never looked back. Our original logo/patch was hand made for each member by our old boy Phil Ford with every patch having the members unique number at the bottom. This was Danger Mouse sticking two fingers up at saba-toothed 

tiger (an act of Defiance - get it!?!) on a union flag background. This idea came from a program at an Animals gig a few Defiance went to,

Gel suggested to put Danger Mouse in front of the tiger and the name "The Last Great Act of Defiance Scooter Club" was born. The logo/design has now been modified by Mark Packham and has now been put on T-shirts etc. Being Mods since the late 70s Defiance has always been true to its Mod roots unlike other clubs. Crawley had Crawley Scooter Club (formely The Roadhogs) but they quickly lost their Mods roots and turned into what was called Scooter Boys. Those who held onto the Mod identity joined "The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club". Members came from Crawley, Copthorne, East Grintead, Crawley Down, Reigate, Redhill, Horsham, Horley and the surrounding areas. Defiance Scooter Club gave true Mods the chance to be in a Mod scooter club and be Mods instead of looking like scruffy herberts. Defiance members sprayed their helmets in agate red and gold had DSC in gold on the back in old English letters and had their number in large yellow on one side. In 1983 when we went to the Isle of White Scooter run we were 13 but this total increased weekly, the final total was about 60+. This total was alot more with our birds, mates and hangarounds. Attending Mod gigs, Alldayers, Allnighters, rallies, clubs and anything else of interest we soon got a reputation (nothing to do with the studded belts of course, which were worn under our suit jackets in case of trouble). You actually could say that the Breton cap/hat and the belt were two trade marks of Defiance, amonst others. We kept things going as long as possible but as always all good things come to an end. This was`nt to be as the last few years "The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club" has risen out of the ashes of time. Various members are now getting or have got scooters back on the road and we seem to be meeting more and more with the famous Defiance patch now put on polo shirts, jackets, mugs, scooter banners etc. November 2009 Defiance had a successful reunion at Copthorne Social Club just outside Crawley with Mod Revival legends "Long Tall Shorty" headlining. Old and new people connected with Defiance SC made this a great event and new events are very possible. Defiance SC is actually holding another event with "The Universal" and "Riot Night", march 2011, this as well will be at Copthorne Social Club. With Defiance members attending Scooter Runs etc it proves that "The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club" is well and truly back. Its now been well over a quarter of a century and yes, we are still laughing and you know who we are laughing at. WHERE WE RIDE OTHERS HIDE..... (More will follow in time)

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"The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club"


Saturday, 24 March 2012 at 07:30 until Sunday, 25 March 2012 at 02:00

Goffs Park Social Club, Old Horsham Road, Southgate, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 8PE, England

"The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club" proudly presents:

SMALL WORLD, THE LOOP & ECHO GENERATION + Dj English Karl & Dj Carl Skalistic at: Goffs Park Social Club, Old Horsham Road, Southgate, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 8PE.

Tickets are now on sale by contacting... Gel (Gerard James on Facebook), The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club on Facebook, Cheryl Muggeridge, Darren Scopes (both on Facebook) or send an email to where we will get back to you as soon as.

With the likes of "Long Tall Shorty", "The Universal" and "DC Fontana" amongst many others appearing at previous Defiance events we can now proudly announce that Mod Legends "SMALL WORLD" will be coming to Crawley Saturday 24th March 2012. "SMALL WORLD" featured as headliners and one of a total "8" bands at the Defiance SC "Help For Heroes" Mod do June 2010 at (Royal) Wootton Bassett, Swindon raising over £2000 for this worthwhile charity.

This time we look forward to a full set from one of the most respected bands from the Mod Revival Era. For those of you who saw "SMALL WORLD" in Swindon it came as no surprise that the band are just as good, if not better than they were all those many years ago. With a couple of the rarest singles from the revival era (Love Is Dead & First Impressions) "SMALL WORLD" have etched their memory in Mod history.

"THE LOOP" who also played at Wootton Bassett also make the trip to Crawley after impressing at the "Help For Heroes" event in June. The third band "ECHO GENERATION" are what you could call Defiance Scooter Clubs resident band as they have featured in all the Defiance SC events in recent years including Wootton Bassett. The Deejays for the evening will be Dj English Karl and Dj Carl Skalistic who will keep the dance floor busy with Mod & Scooter sounds before, during and after the bands until 2am.

New larger venue, food available, cheap drinks and a paultry £10.00 (ADV) to get in (£12.00 OTD) it will be certain this night will be remembered for a long time.


As known, the last Defiance sc event with "The Universal" sold out long before the event took place and people without tickets could not get in. Make sure of getting tickets for this event by contacting one of the above.

Hope to see you all there. Where We Ride!!!!!


On behalf of: "The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club"


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