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Mod and Scooter related Dj that originally comes from South London and later Crawley in England. Have lived in Denmark for a few years now. I have Dj`d in Copenhagen, New York & London etc for various clubs and events. I was part of the Mod Revival scene and have been seriously collecting Mod related records since 1978. Specialist in 

rare, obscure and sought after (and not so rare, obscure and sought after) 60`s Mod, Beat, R&B, Soul, Tamla Motown/Northern Soul, Freakbeat, Psych and Mod Revival. Have also been known to spin Punk, Oi and Ska/Two Tone on occasion as well. One of the four resident Dj`s in Denmarks best 60`s club, Club Mau Mau which is based in Copenhagen. The five Dj`s of Club Mau Mau can compare with any like minded Dj`s on the international scene and Club Mau Mau has Dj Allnighters once a month with live bands every two months or so.....

I have also Deejayed for these following bands at live events:

Small World (UK), Long Tall Shorty (UK), The Universal (UK), DC Fontana (UK), Baby Woodrose (DK), Graham Day And The Gaolers (UK/US), The Woggles (US), The Fleshtones (US), Les Bof (UK), Riot Night (UK), Tommy Aitkins (UK), Time Bomb (UK), The Loop (UK), Suspicions (UK), David Peter And The Wilde Sect (DK), The Raptors (DK/UK), Thee Attacks (DK), The Branded (UK/S), The Masonics (UK), The Moving Sounds (S), The Cynics (US), Setting Son (DK), Sceaming Eric (DK), The Concrete Gods (UK), The Rain (UK), The Tremolo Beer Gut (DK), The Micra Girls (SF), Radio Saigon (DK), Muck 

And The Mires (US), The Vanjas (S), The Fourtune Tellers (S), The Royal Pendletons (US), The Cheaters (N), The Phantom Pillow (DK), The Hogliners (NO/UK/DK), The Maharajas (S), Pine Box Boys (US), The Magnificent Brotherhood (D), Dead Elvis And His One Man Grave (NL), Black Magic Six (SF), Pirate Love (N), High Tension Girls (N), The Scraggs (S), The Good The Bad (DK), Snake And Jet`s Amazing Bullit Band (DK), Gringo Bandido And The Fab Four (N), J.C. Hawkins And His Model Playboys (DK), The Singles (US), The Soulshake Express (S) with many more I can`t remember, if you are one of them, sorry.....

Some venues I have Deejayed in Copenhagen etc are:

 Loppen (Christiania), Isola RockMusicClub, Drone Bar, The Basement (at Vega), DR Byen (The Danish answer to the BBC), Joleen Bar, Nordisk Film, Din Nye Ven, Studenterhuset, Råhuset Halmtorvet, Nadsat, Darlings, Huset i Magstræde,MusikCafeèn, Musikhuset Elværket etc. I also have had the privilage to Dj at various Gutter City & Gutter Light events and The Gutter Island Festival in Vordingborg. Apart from this I have also Dj`d in England and The United States including Brooklyn in New York City.....

Some Clubs and events I have Deejayed:

Club Mau Mau, The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club (UK), Mad Mod Saturday All-Dayer for "Help For Heroes", Riffs Bar, Backstreet Northern Soul Club, Copenhagen Scooter Club, The Pretty Face Modernist Society, Club Teenstomp, Gutter Light, Gutter City, Gutter Island, Soul Club Copenhagen, Uppercut, Bar Matchless (NYC), Club Hullabaloo (NYC) etc.....

I Dj at concerts, Mod, 60`s and Scooter do`s / allnighters and similar events and you are welcome to get in touch. 

Club Mau Mau also has all the gear to play at office party`s, hotels etc and with 5 international Dj`s anything is possible.

You can also join me on: MySpace and Facebook

That`s The Way It`s Got To Be

The Poets

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