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Shadows And Reflections Vinyl Records

Rare and sought after vinyl records from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany etc. Rare vinyl with and without picture sleeves, many you won`t see again. Paypal accepted and items sent are always well packaged. Being a record collector myself I understand this is paramount.

From the 50´s, 60`s and 70`s rare records with unique picture sleeves that are very hard to find else where. Detailed grading and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide "Shadows And Reflections Vinyl Records" prides it`s self on good service and communication.

Visit the online shop: Shadows And Reflections Records

Many styles of music are covered so take a look at the eBay shop to find out what I have listed at the present time, listings are added weekly if not more often. 

Postage and Packing is kept as low as possible, I don`t profit on the P&P but sadly I had to increase my P&P rates slightly for the first time in 10 years on the 1st april 2011 because the Danish post office kept on raising theres. As I collect records myself and know what it`s like to receive damaged records and picture sleeves split at the sides so I do my best to prevent this happening. Paypal is also accepted at no extra cost and items are normally sent the same day or day after payment has been made.

Who Are "Shadows And Reflections Vinyl Records"?

Based in the Copenhagen area of Denmark "Shadows And Reflections Vinyl Records" has many first time customers and many customers that keep on coming back for more from all four corners of the world, proving that "Shadows And Reflections Vinyl Records" is a serious dealer concerned with serious buyers. Check my feedback to reasure yourself you are dealing with a genuine seller.

Originally from South London in England "Shadows And Reflections Vinyl Records" has over 30 years experience with dealing in records. With 1000`s of records in stock I would recommend you add "Shadows And Reflections Vinyl Records" as one of your favourite eBay sellers so you don`t miss out on the latest listings, some you will never see again. Please see the link below.

Postage & Packing

All records will be packed with the greatest of care. Please don`t hesitate to email me with any questions you may have, like combined postage costs. If insurance is required just send an email for a quote. Unlike others I don`t charge extreme prices for P&P. I don`t profit on P&P. It may be expensive to post from Denmark but not as much as some others make out. I try to keep postage costs as low as possible for the buyer, combining wins will reduce the cost of P&P greatly. When posting, all records will be carefully packed outside the sleeves/covers, inserted in a protective plastic bag then secured with stiff robust cardboard. Please check my feedback to make sure that you are dealing with a genuine seller.


Scans Of The Actuall Items


All photos and scans of items are of the actuall items for sale/auction and not taken or should I say stolen from another source as some other dealers do. This is lazy and does`nt represent the item you are interested in. The scans or pictures are not edited as to improve the condition or appearance of the item, what you see is what you get, whatever the condition. The sides/edges of the picture sleeves/covers are not cut away to hide any defects etc. I grade the best I can, I always state any defects if any on the vinyl, labels and sleeves. Obviously I am only human and mistakes can be made so any complaint (which is very rarely) will be dealt with straight away without any hassle. Please check my feedback to make sure that you are dealing with a genuine seller.

See below for postage and packing (P&P) rates

7"/45RPM Vinyl Records:

Denmark: £3.00

Europe: £4.50

USA/Canada: £6.00

Japan: £6.00

Rest Of World: Please e-mail

LP/12"/33RPM Vinyl Records:

Denmark: £5.00

Europe: £7.00

USA/Canada: £10.00

Japan: £10.00

Rest Of World: Please e-mail

Remember to ask for a combined shipping quote if needed

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark and established online since 2003

Hours of business:

Being a web based company we are open 24 hours a day but understandably we can`t be in front of the computer 24 hours a day. Any questions etc sent will be answered as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours or less.

Please use the contact form on the heading English Karl

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